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  • Thanks so much for the yoga which has kept me relaxed and healthy throughout my pregnancy.


  • Lunch time Yoga is an excellent way to get one hour a week away from your desk and have time to yourself. It enables you to clear your mind of that weeks stresses and strains of work and your home life as well as giving you some well deserved me time. The lunch time session helps you get back to your desk relaxed and full of vigour. As a 16st 10lb male I can say with some certainty it’s for all shapes and sizes and not just for woman. Since starting lunch time Yoga classes in May it has inspired me to get fit and have lost 2 stone. Bridget is a fantastic instructor so give her a chance and see if she can inspire you to improve you.


  • You do an amazing job of creating a safe space, explaining what the poses do, and allowing people to practice on their own terms. Thank you.


  • I have a hard time putting in words how essential yoga has been to my wellbeing the last couple of months. I cannot stop telling my sleep deprived stressed out classmates how good the class is for de-stressing the mind and encouraging the body to fall asleep without drugs.


  • I have done different yoga classes with different teachers on and off for the last 8 years, and am so glad to have found Bridget's class. She has a great energy and enthusiasm for yoga and I would recommend her class to anyone who wants to find some inner peace and calmness amid the madness of the working week! It's great for the body and the soul.


  • I started going to yoga because I was feeling stressed out with work and a friend recommended the class. That was about 3 years ago. I've got so much out of going. I feel healthier, its helped me to achieve a better work/life balance and I've learnt new ways to relax and unwind. But also, I've made lots of new friends and I've learnt more about yoga than I ever expected to. I love going and look forward to it every week. Emma


  • The practice and guidance has opened up a spiritual dimension in me which has helped me discover my own "inner teacher" I am now in my third year of attendance. Long may it continue. Hari Om


  • Anji is lovely, always friendly & cheerful to all her students. Her classes are never boring as she always has different asanas to teach us. An extra benefit from attending Anji’s classes is that she often makes us laugh and that has to be good for us. I thought I should mention that I didn’t think Hatha Yoga was for me after my first class. My husband suggested that it might be worth trying it for a month. I am so pleased that I did.


  • I have found Bridget and her yoga sessions to be inspirational. Truly a wonderful yoga teacher, that emanates calmness and clarity. All of her sessions are different from one another, making them spellbinding. Bridget's classes leave you wanting more and wishing they didn't end.


  • I was only really interested in yoga for exercise but have found the relaxation & breathing techniques are very calming, useful for getting me back to sleep if I wake in the night.


  • During class everyone is encouraged to work at their own level bringing attention and a sense of awareness to every breath and every moment of the practice.


  • I have been going to Anji’s Wrose class for a year now & have found that I am much more flexible & no longer groan when I get out of my chair. Even my balance, which was very wobbly, has improved since I have practiced the yoga positions I have been taught.


  • Through Hatha Yoga and regular Yoga Nidra practice the classes have helped greatly in putting my mind back in touch with my body.


  • I really enjoy coming to class & find it enormously helpful in coping with everyday life. Classes are always fun as well as relaxing (and sometimes really hard work!) It makes a huge difference alleviating the Monday blues knowing that I have a yoga class to go to in the evening.


  • Before starting Anji’s yoga classes I was visiting the chiropractor at least twice a year. I haven’t needed to go since starting Anji’s class nearly 5 years ago.


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