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Collaborative Sound: Tonality, Resonance and Creativity with Lily

Sun 26th April
Teacher(s): Lily Moharrer
Ability Level: Open to All

This is the second session of three workshops looking to help develop the all encompassing, ever adapting performer that is inline with their intuition, physicality and ability to improvise.

These singing workshops are for all ‘levels’ from beginner to professional singers who are wanting to find freedom, confidence and inner strength in their voices.

Tonality, Resonance and Creativity will be focusing on the different shades of colour, density and sense of identity that can be explored with the human voice. How can sound be manipulated to add emotion? How do we respond to certain sounds? How is a cry different to a sigh? Through versatility of tone and playfulness of resonance, a performer can create a vast landscape of emotions whilst singing and take an audience on a journey that expands the lyrical intention of a song. This workshop is inspired by the works of Janice Chapman and her process of Primal Sounds.

In this workshop, we shall be incorporating simple and gentle movement, held postures and rhythm exercises to help unlock and loosen held tension in the body that can be blocking our potential for freedom and creativity whilst singing.
Through freedom of breath, movement and understanding of the singing apparatus, we can play and express with sound, rhythm and voice. This work helps to build confidence, deeper connections and musicality.

About Lily

Lily Moharrer is a vocal coach specialising in holistic vocal sessions and vocal production. Working with singers of all levels across a wide range of genres, she truly believes that everyone can and everyone SHOULD sing! Her experience includes working with high-profile clients in the studio, in corporate settings aiding team building and mindful practice within the workplace, leading choirs, hosting workshops on technique and improvisation; confidence and performance, song craft and melody writing and studying with top circle singing mentors. She has travelled the world as a touring musician as well as to study traditional group singing practices and song

Time: 1.00pm-3.30pm
Next Classes:
  • Sunday 14th June


£17 –  concession


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