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EFT Workshop to Conquer Stress & Overwhelm

Sun 9th June
Teacher(s): Kirsty Elliot
Ability Level: Open to All

Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful yet simple tool which allows us to re-wire the brain easily and quickly out of negative emotions, chronic self-sabotage patterns, physical and emotional pain, and aids us in letting go. We can find peace and move on from issues which keep us stuck. By tapping on a series of meridian points on our body, whilst tuning in to a problem, people regularly find profound and rapid shifts.

Stress can cause havoc in our work and social lives, and cause major dis-ease mentally, physically and emotionally – if we don’t know how to effectively cope with it.

There are more of us than ever before feeling totally overwhelmed and stressed out with the demands and pressures of busy lives.

The symptoms of this ongoing stress can lead to panic attacks, chronic anxiety, over or under eating, addictions like smoking and drinking, the dependence on antidepressants, lack of good sleep, and even physical pain such as inflammation, fibromyalgia, migraines, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Learning EFT- “Tapping” in a group setting is a wonderful experience. In a safe, nurturing and supportive environment, you can learn this groundbreaking technique for yourself to use for life. We will tune into a particular issue or theme, and tap to release the intensity of these issues whilst tuning into how we feel about it, how it affects our lives and how we notice it in our bodies.

People often start at a 10/10 intensity and come right down to a ZERO in minutes! Often finding much clarity and peace. It’s a fantastic experience and an opportunity to find a connection with like-minded people.

What we’ll do;

Do You find yourself feeling Overwhelmed and Stressed on a regular basis?
You feel like there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it in?
You feel panicked, tired, anxious or unable to concentrate?

Join me for a Workshop where we will explore all of these feelings using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as Tapping, & Mindfulness and Meditation techniques. In a nurturing, safe and supportive space, you will learn the Tapping points that you can use for yourself on a daily basis to bring down feelings of overwhelm and stress to find more calm and peace in your life.

Take some time out for you, to come and breathe. Learn something new to help you cope confidently and easily with all life has to give you. Find a connection with others in this gentle and effective process.

– Learn the EFT tapping technique to use daily as a powerful tool
– Go on a hypnotic journey to find deep relaxation and a special place you can go to in your mind, any time you need some peace and calm.
– Learn how to use colour energy visualisation as a quick meditation for gaining contol over your feelings.
– Gain more self-awareness through mindfulness and tuning in with yourself
– Begin to let go of the past and what no longer serves you

Read my website to learn a little more: www.kirstymarieelliott.com – I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner and Anxiety Coach, specialising in anxiety and self-esteem.

1-2-1 sessions available to those who need it.

Booking essential via RSVP on Meetup, £25 per person. Attendees must be aged 16 or over.

• What to bring
Just yourself! Wear something warm and comfortable to wear, so you are relaxed.

Time: 1.00pm-3.30pm

Booking essential via RSVP on Meetup, £25 per person.

BOOK HERE – https://www.meetup.com/Leeds-EFT-Tapping-Group/events/260700947/


Email: kirstymarieelliott@hotmail.co.uk

Tel: 07802 787339


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