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Little Oms Toddler Yoga

9.30am - 10.30am
Teacher(s): Andrea Brajer
Ability Level: Toddlers approximately from 12 month to school age

Toddlers Yoga – Lets play Yoga

Our fun classes begin with welcoming everybody using a mesmerising hang drum which kids totally adore.

We move onto playing games with feathers and pom poms, which is a way of developing breathing practices noticing our lungs capacity and improving concentration, followed by lots of moving around creating different shapes with our bodies as we play at doing yoga poses to teach body awareness and how to move in a healthy way.  The class finishes with relaxation, listening to calming music, using lavender eye pillows, connecting the mind and the body which helps to manage tantrums, deal with different feelings and helps with sleeping difficulties.

Children do love a snack after working hard so we say goodbye with a little healthy picnic and socialising time.

I kindly ask mummies to stay with their children and be part of the fun, supporting the little oms in every way.

If you prefer to sit and watch that is fine but please do so quietly as not to disturb the class.

Benefits of being a little om with Toddler yoga at Om Yoga Works:

• Little oms learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way, developing body awareness, confidence, concentration and focus which improves balance. Fine motor skills are developed, bodies strengthened and lung capacity improved.

• Little oms sleep better, learn to manage their feelings through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement.

• Little Oms have fun being part of a healthy, non-competitive group, spending quality time with their mummies and getting to know new friends.

Suggested age group: toddlers approximately from 12 month to school age.

Time: 9.30am - 10.30am

£5 for the 1st class

Term dates and cost (£6/session)

Tuesday 3rd September – Tuesday 22nd October – 8 sessions for £48

Tuesday 5th November  – Tuesday 17th December – 7 sessions for £42


Tuesday 7th January – Tuesday 11th February – 6 sessions for £36

Tuesday 25th February – Tuesday 31st March – 6 sessions for £36

Tuesday 21st April – Tuesday 19th May – 5 sessions for £30

Tuesday 2nd June – Tuesday 14th July – 7 sessions for £42

Pay as you YoGa
£8 per class More

Booking Essential
Any questions and for booking please contact:
Andrea Brajer 07703 325031
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Andrea Brajer

Andrea Brajer

Yoga is a journey with ups and downs just like our life, it is an Omazing journey which I would love to share with you. View my profile