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Pilgrimage of Sound with Gillian Shippey

Sun 13th October
Teacher(s): Gillian Shippey
Ability Level: Everybody Welcome
Om yoga workshop Lammas Om Heart Song

This workshop means a great deal to me; as I begin to remember my own voice, I am grateful to share the soulful depths and courage it takes to allow ourselves to be heard. Therefore, if you would like to explore this in yourself but you feel nervous, there is an invitation for you to be silent for the whole workshop.

It is said that we have two ears and one mouth as a reflection of how much listening is required in relation to speaking …. so if you come to the workshop and need to stay silent and listen deeply within, you are very welcome. Or you can come and be loud, or anything inbetween!

We will be listening to a story about the power of the voice to make ourselves whole again. We will be practicing bhakti Nidra during which you will be sung to as you drop in Nidra. My beautiful antique singing bowls (one for each chakra) will be coming along!

We will also be exploring breathing techniques with sound, learning beautiful mantras both in Sanskrit and English, experiencing sound as meditation and also exploring how sound can be used in posture/movement (accessible to all) to create a beautiful yoga practice bringing deep connection to your essence/self. This can all be done in silence if you prefer, just allowing the sound of the others to be heard whilst you practice.

The intention for this workshop is for you to leave feeling deeply soothed, whole and connected to your authentic voice.

About Gillian:

Gillian began practicing yoga in the 1990’s whilst she was training at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. After completing her degree she travelled to India to study Advaita (non duality) where she also attended the Krishnamacharya Mandiram for daily private tuition. Gillian now has completed teacher trainings in the following areas of yoga: Yoga Therapy, Womb Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pregnancy Yoga, Baby Yoga and Dynamic Yoga. She has completed further training in neuroscience, philosophy and therapeutic applications for Nidra, yoga and emotional conflict (trauma), Vedic chanting, restorative yoga, structural anatomy, etc. She co-teaches on Uma and Nirlipta Dinsmore-Tuli’s Yoga Nidra Immersions and has assisted on the Total Yoga Nidra teacher training, Womb Yoga and Yoga for Menopause.

Time: 11.00am-4.00pm

£50 for the day, non refundable.

Gillian donates 5% of all her earnings to Fight The New Drug.


Om Yoga Works have very generously offered to donate 5% of their income from the workshop to Fight the New Drug. I am so grateful for their loving support and generosity.


Booking Essential

Please contact Gillian

T: 0785 500 4858

or you can book and pay via Gillian’s website


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