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Womb Yoga with Gillian Shippey

Sun 15th September
11.00am -4.00pm
Teacher(s): Gillian Shippey
Ability Level: Mixed Abilities, Women Only

This workshop is for all women of all ages and stages of life. You either need to have a womb, or to have once had a womb.

If meditation is the gift of the head space, truth and boundaries are the gifts of the throat space,

love is the gift of the heart space …… what is the gift of the womb space?

Womb Yoga is a way of practicing yoga that connects to our naturally arising cycles that we, as women, are biologically built to embody. Society, life and even our yoga practices often impose upon us in such a way that we are unable to connect to our blood wisdom, intuition, strength, creativity and spiritual authority. Womb Yoga opens the gateways to all of this.

The intention for this workshop is to provide a space wherein which we can honour our feelings, intuition, bodies, wisdom and authenticity, so that we may come home to ourselves and find a sense of belonging, from within.

Time: 11.00am -4.00pm

£50 for the day, non refundable.

Gillian donates 5% of all her earnings to Fight The New Drug.


Om Yoga Works have very generously offered to donate 5% of their income from the workshop to Fight the New Drug. I am so grateful for their loving support and generosity.


Booking Essential

Please contact Gillian

T: 0785 500 4858

or you can book and pay via Gillian’s website


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