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Confidence & Self Belief; A Women’s Workshop

Teacher(s): Kirsty Elliot
Ability Level: Women Only

“Do you wish to be a social butterfly but find yourself cancelling plans last minute – missing out on fun and new experiences, held back by lack of confidence in yourself?

Do you feel awkward with new people or in new situations, never quite knowing what to say and over-thinking how you are coming across, rather than flowing and enjoying the present moment?

If you are ready to recognise how much you have to offer others, and feel so comfortable in your own skin that it doesn’t even occur to you to compare yourself to others – then this workshop is for you!

In this workshop you will learn how to use Self-Hypnosis to believe in yourself more and have courage in putting yourself out there

You will receive a powerful yet simple technique you can use in any moment to let go of self doubts (EFT)

I will give you an anchor, a trick you can use to access confidence in any situation

Together we will explore new and positive language, so you will instantly have the ability to think about yourself in a kind and empowering way!

We will be Journaling to create more love for ourselves, using the power of words to manifest a new and confident reality

And I will be teaching a powerful ancient Hawaiian meditation for self love and forgiveness

Through the magic of Group Hypnotherapy I will be helping you to access and re-integrate when you have felt MOST confident, so you can know it has been there all along within you

Let FOMO be a thing of the past, as in this powerhouse of a workshop I will build you up to knowing you are just as good as any other person, you will feel free to be yourself and to voice your opinion and ideas- starting to confidently create the social life you want and deserve.

A note about the Workshop Creator – “I am Kirsty Elliott, Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitoner and Women’s Confidence Coach. I LOVE leading women to their self worth! I used to have self esteem that was on the floor and remember how lonely and dis -empowering it felt. I totally changed my life around with these techniques, and now I have bags full of self love and confidence in myself and enjoy nothing more than empowering other women to feel the same!”

Time: 2.30pm-4.00pm
Next Classes:
  • 1st March 2.30-4.00pm
  • 5th April 1.30 - 3.00pm
  • 3rd May 1.30 - 3.00pm


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E: kirstymarieelliott@hotmail.co.uk

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Kirsty Elliot

Kirsty Elliot

I empower women to feel free and express their truth. I bring women together in community to provide a safe, brave and creative space for self-expression, honesty, and shifting towards change from an inspired and empowered place. I've worked with hundreds and hundreds of women over the years through 1-1 sessions, group circles and workshops and online courses. I am confident and passionate in holding these spaces where every part of yourself is welcome to show up! View my profile

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