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Yin Yoga – Friday

6.00 - 7.30pm
Teacher(s): Kerry Cawthray
Ability Level: Mixed Abilities, Beginners, Intermediate, Advance

Yin Yoga is a deep, meditative practice.

Infused in the longer, more passive holds , the yin style involves surrendering into poses and exploring them for longer periods of time in order to let go of tensions stored in the body and to calm the nervous system. The poses are held between two to five minutes, sometimes even longer. It targets the deepest tissues of the body, the connective tissues, ligaments, joints, bones, and the fascial networks  which are the deeper fibrous tissues of the body.

Yin yoga is a stilling practice that cultivates a deep sense of awareness through the release of mind and body stresses. Yin enables you to relax and experience patience and quiet giving time for the body to open inviting you to move deeper into the pose facilitating you to  meet the intensity of a stretch, to help you to foster a deep pervading sense of calm. Yin is a perfect antidote to busy urban life.

On the 4th Friday of every month Kerry will guide you through a Yin sequence of poses which allow you to understand the essences of the practice it’s a wonderful way to bring an end to a busy week.  This class is a sure way to encourage you to unwind, relax and restore ready for the weekend.

Time: 6.00 - 7.30pm
Next Classes:
  • 4th Friday of the Month

5 Class Pass – £45

Pay as you YoGa  – £10 per class – Must be pre booked by phone/text with the teacher at least 2 hours in advance. More

Booking essential


Kerry Cawthray 07496 014110


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Kerry Cawthray

Kerry Cawthray

I would like to see myself as dedicated and compassionate teacher. I believe ‘Yoga is for Everybody’ and want to enable students to find self-awareness, build confidence and increase their strength, flexibility and range of motion. View my profile