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Chriselle Nisbet


Position: Teacher

Biography: Chriselle has successfully educated adults and children within academia both within the UK and also Internationally. She has also ran her own recruitment business and worked as a television designer before following her passion as a Yoga Teacher. Chriselle teaches accessible Ashtanga Yoga, beginners yoga and Hatha Yoga.

About me

I come from a educational background, working as a educator Internationally and throughout the UK for the last 17 years.

My love for yoga began whilst living and working in Dubai during 2008. I stumbled across a Bikram Yoga class whilst out walking after a very stressful day. Feeling instantly connected, I began to develop my practice and soon discovered my love for everything Yoga. I could not believe the instant effect Yoga had on my body and mind. I soon began to feel lighter, less stressed and ready to take on the world.

I have practiced many types of yoga but feel most at home with Ashtanga Yoga. I discovered Ashtanga yoga after running the Reykjavik Marathon in 2012. The practice helped me overcome an injury, elongate and strengthen my muscles, and gave me a great awareness of breath whilst running long distance.

I loved yoga so much I soon realised this was my future and decided to train to be a yoga teacher. After being introduced to Jane Cluely (Jayadhara) I completed my BWY Foundation course in 2017. My studies continued with a three year Diploma with The British Wheel, which is due to be completed in 2020. I have also studied Yoga with  Joey Miles, Kathy Cooper, Kino McGregor, and David Swenson.

If you want to release stress and tension and leave feeling lighter and ready to take on the world, come and join me for Yoga!

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