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Janette Lowe

Baby Massage

Position: Teacher

Biography: Janette is a Beauty Therapist who always had a passion for massage and hands-on therapies, leading her to train and become a Dream Time teacher.

About me

I had my little boy in April 2015. I went to so many different classes and entertained him in every way possible. Although I enjoyed the classes I always felt something was missing.

I did attend a baby massage class which was nice but my friend was going to Dream Time and kept telling me how lovely it was. She loved how beneficial it was, not only for her baby but for her too.

I finally made the decision to go when there was a Christmas taster session.  I was sold instantly, the warmth I felt as soon as I walked into the room was amazing. My son instantly took to it and his little face was a picture. The unique routine and the singing throughout made it totally different to anything else that I had come across. I loved the fact that anything and everything was OK here,  if a baby was crying, feeding or sleeping Sarah (The teacher and Founder of Dream Time) embraced it. I also loved the fact that after each session there is time to stay, relax and chat to the other mums over tea and homemade cake.

The only problem was, I was too late!! He was crawling by this point, so had grown out of the classes.  I was so upset and was kicking myself that I hadn’t come sooner.

I am a Beauty Therapist and have always had a passion for massage and hands on therapies. The benefits not only physically but emotionally that massage has on people is my motivation. This is what made me decide to train and become a Dream Time teacher as they hold the highest qualification in the UK.  I want to make sure as many families as possible get to experience the magic of Dream Time.

Contact Janette on 07840 011237 or by email dreamtimefarsleypudsey@yahoo.com

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